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Our Office provides top-notch patient care
First and foremost, we believe that people should have their own healthy teeth for an entire lifetime. To support that belief, we subscribe to a program of preventive dental care. It is also our belief that the prevention of disease is far more enjoyable, less costly and more comfortable for all concerned. So our goal is to help you achieve and maintain a healthy mouth as quickly and as economically as possible.
State of the Art Technology

Our new office uses the most recent technology available: a Cone Beam CT scanner, digital X-Rays and a dental microscope. By using the latest technology in the field of endodontics, along with the skills to use it, Dr. Ee ensures that you receive the best treatment dentistry can offer. The benefits of the Cone Beam CT scanner and the dental microscope are undeniable.

The Cone Beam CT scanner gives Dr. Ee 3-dimensional data so he can more effectively diagnose endodontic conditions. It also gives off a fraction of the radiation of a traditional x-ray.

The dental microscope's magnification and LED illumination increases Dr. Ee's precision and efficiency. It helps navigate complex cases confidently and efficiently as well as possibly preventing additional treatment and appointments.

Comfortable and Non-Imposing

Dr. Ee believes that in order to accomplish quality work the patient must be comfortable during the consultation, treatment and after treatment has been completed.  Dr. Ee will explain the entire procedure in detail and gives the patient the opportunity to ask questions and decide on their course of treatment.  We pride ourselves on providing a pain free experience and will make sure that the patient is fully comfortable before treatment is carried out.  After treatment has been completed, Dr. Ee will follow up on his cases to make sure the patients are ultimately satisfied.

Everyone at Aurora Endodontics is not only friendly but also an experienced professional. You can be sure we are giving you the highest quality treatment with a compassionate touch.